Can I pass the transaction fee on to my customers?

Written by Nathan Terrazas

Last published at: June 30th, 2020

Yes, you can choose to pass along all credit card and ACH fees to the payer. Within your ePayPolicy payment page, fees are auto-populated and displayed to the payer. You can see an example on our demo payment page by typing in 1000 into the amount field (note also the different rates between credit card and ACH).

The way we enable you to pass on the fee is legal in all 50 states since we, as the payment processor, are passing on the fee and not you, the merchant. This is why we fund you the net amount minus the fee instead of the gross amount including the fee.

Technically speaking, the state specific regulations don’t apply since we are the processor and the state laws focus on the “seller”. So long as you using our net-funding model as described above, those regulations don’t come into play.