What happens with an NSF alert (non sufficient funds) or other declined ACH transactions?

Written by Nathan Terrazas

Last published at: June 30th, 2020

When a bounced ACH occurs, we notify you and the payer immediately by email. ePayPolicy will debit your account for the funds. We typically know funds are rejected after 5 or 6 business days from the transaction. This works in the same way as a paper check where the funds may look good initially but are later pulled back.

You will still be charged the transaction fee on the original transaction. Let’s say the payer makes a payment of $1000. We collect $1003 and deposit $1000 into your account. If the transaction bounces, our system will debit your account for $1003 so you’ll be net-negative $3 on that transaction. Many of our clients turn around and ask their customer to pay an additional bounced check fee for the inconvenience.