Add a PayNow button to Outlook signatures

Written by Nathan Terrazas

Last published at: July 9th, 2020

This article shows you how to add a PayNow button to your Outlook signature with a link to your ePayPolicy payment page.

Choose your favorite PayNow button by clicking here. Right click on the button you wish to use then click on "Save image as" to save the image to your computer.

Before moving forward, you'll want to make sure you have your ePayPolicy payment page link available. Click here to see instructions to find your page.


In Outlook 2013:

Go to your Outlook File menu, click on Options, choose the Mail tab, and select the Signatures button:


On the Signatures window, choose add a new signature, name it and edit its content.  To insert the PayNow image, and click on the second to the last button of the signature edit/format toolbar:



Browse and select the PayNow image previously saved to your computer.   Once the image is inserted, select your signature image by left clicking on it, and click on the last button of the signature edit/format toolbar:


In the Insert Hyperlink popup, enter the your ePayPolicy payment page link in the address field:


Important: Select the signature to be added on new/reply/forward emails for the desired Outlook account(s), otherwise your email signature will not be automatically inserted